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Commonly known as Phosphonates or Phosphites. Also known as: Potassium Phosphite, Potassium Ammonium Phosphite, Salt containing HPO32-, Salt of Phosphorous Acid.

tautomerismH3PO3UAS of America, Inc., creates Phosphonite fertilizers by combining an inorganic hydroxide with pure H3PO3 to form a 100% liquid fertilizer. Keeping in mind the importance of P in an N P K, the phosphites component is not used as readily available as a phosphate element. To use this compound solely as a fertilizer will not produce the quickest or most effective results. It is used more as an Elicitor imparting immune system (SAR-systemic acquired resistance).








Petri dishes both infected with fungal spores: the pHorus treated didn’t spread.

UAS has developed the pHorus™ line of NPKs. pHorus™ is a specially designed high-phosphite concentrate, manufactured with a high-phosphorus base used by plants, trees, and vegetable crops to grow in a healthy state. Phosphorus is an essential element for all plant life. It makes up an important part of plant genes and is essential for molecules that carry genetic information.

Contrast to
phosphoric phosphorous
which is
phosphoric acid
which is
phosphorous acid


PRODUCT Agriculture Turf
pHORUS 5-30-10 x
pHORUS 0-31-23 x x
pHORUS 0-22-18 x  x
REOX 0-27-20 x  x
SUPER 20-4-8 SR   x

Tech Sheet: Phosphonate NPK Plant Mixes (PDF)